Howard Heffington is for Change

Libertarian for State Representative, District 56, Conway, Arkansas

Howard is a Navy Veteran who is challenging the political establishment in Arkansas.  The need for freedom motivates him to stand up and represent the timeless principles of self-government.  Join this movement to reject the two-party trap and choose a representative that relentlessly advocates for the liberty of every person.

Issues & Political Concerns

Liberty and Justice for Common Prosperity

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Health Care

Access to health care is maximized by allowing providers to multiply choices to the patients and removing as many middlemen and bureaucrats between patient and provider as possible. Howard believes that every person is responsible to prevent illness and make choices about what medical treatments and immunizations best balance their health and lifestyle.  Howard will fight against medical and pharmaceutical lobbies which act to restrict the choices available to people and will also seek ways to end favoritism and subsidies to insurance companies which add costly administration unnecessary in the personal doctor-patient relationship.

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Decriminalize Drug Use

Drugs are very dangerous and cause way too many addictions that ruin countless lives.  Caring individuals work hard to educate youth and intervene on behalf of drug addicts.  Criminal penalties against the use and possession of drugs make the problem worse and should be abandoned.  These penalties discourage individuals from seeking help and also create extremely high prices that provide a lucrative revenue source for criminal gangs and cartels.  Police and courts have too much on their plate as it is.  Howard's goal of drug decriminalization will allow the justice system to focus on violence and keep more people out of the criminal system.

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2nd Amendment

It's imperative that all people have equal rights to firearms.  No infringement on that right can be tolerated in a free society without a conviction under due process of law.  Howard will fight every burden to individuals obtaining firearms because the responsibility to protect yourself, your family, and your freedom cannot be delegated.



Howard is persuaded that life begins at conception and every person is entitled to equal protection of the law.  Roe v Wade was a court opinion that denies the personhood of a class of innocent, helpless, and voiceless individuals.  As an unjust court opinion, it should be ignored and not raised to the status of law, as if our constitution allowed the courts to make law.  Arkansas ought to define a pre-born person as having the protection of life equal to that of a born person.

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Education should be freed from political control to the maximum extent achievable so that everyone with the will to learn has access to the best education available.  School funding should be moved from the control of government boards to the control of parents who are directly responsible for the education of their children.  With parents having more school choices, school administrations will be more responsive to the judgment of parents as they will have to compete for families to choose them as private schools do already.

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Taxes hurt everyone--especially the poor--except the cronies who have enough political power to influence where the money is spent.  Government spending and taxation should be as low as possible.  The idea that we can tax the rich to benefit the poor is untrue and only benefits these cronies by making taxation acceptable.  Even if a poor person never personally pays a tax bill and receives free benefits, there is a greater unseen cost paid in the lack of goods and services which would have been available if small businesses were not taxed.

Gender Issues and Human Rights

Our Society is fighting over fundamentally differing views about what it means to be human and the boundaries of acceptable behavior.  This culture war is necessary to be hashed out peacefully on the religious and cultural level so the government ought not to use its power to enforce a majority view on minorities.  The Biblical truth that man is created in God's image (as male and female) is the foundation for all human dignity and civil rights.  However, we as sinners living in a cursed world often find situations in which there is no easy solution and that calls for empathy.  In order for us as much as possible to live peaceably with all men, Howard will vote based on the following guiding principles:

1.  Every person is allowed to express themselves and their views in their speech, writing, dress, demonstrations, and commerce as long as it does not:

      A) hurt someone's body or property,

      B) call for violence against any individual or group, or

      C) indecently expose the body to the public.

2.  No public institution should teach children sexual concepts before junior high.

3.  Athletic institutions should recognize the natural differences between biological males and females to preserve fair competitiveness.

4.  Bans on gender reassignment are not warranted because ultimately, parents are responsible for the treatment of their children.  Gender incongruence can cause dangerous mental health issues and doctors and patients should have the freedom to treat these issues according to their best judgment.  If, when the child is mature, he/she realizes that a permanent error was made, a malpractice suit is warranted so Howard would not support any kind of immunity for parents and doctors that decide to interfere in the natural development of a child's body.

5.  The officers of the law are servants to uphold the peace, not to promote any particular religious or cultural view in their official duties.

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